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Discovering Asia, kayaing Nepal

Kathamdú, Pasupatinath donde queman a los muertos
As the last few years, this fall I have been kayaking in Nepal with my brothers Txomin and Eneko, members of  "Zorriak team" even more discarded than the locals.
I would like recapitulate, what this trip have entitle fore me.
Since I decide to go ahead with the 2012 River Guru expedition, one thing was clear; I should build the time to paddle as much as possible. I had some ideas from last year when I was collecting information, and this year we accomplished.  We can divide the trip in 3 parts

- Everest - Chooyu area (training time)
- Likhu kola firts descens
- Annapurna Area (seeking the sources)

The first month we where paddling the Karnali river, the River Guru, river rating expedition for 2012 that have been a great success. Near 15 days of trekking and rafting. Nice group, awesome time and great river what more could we ask for?
After that we run all the area from Melamchi to Tamba kosi that I can resume as the best training I have ever done.

Melamchi Kola crokis, joining the Indrawati
Melamchi kola
Put in: Near mahankal
Take Out: Indrawati
River days: 2 days
Grade: Easy class IV

Balephi Kola
Put in: Manje
Take Out: Confluence with Bote Kosi
River days: 6 hours
Grade: First 2 hours class IV+ after easy class IV

Bothe Kosi:
Put in: Chaku
Take out: Barabise dam (River side the camp-side of Ultimate Rivers)
River days: 4-6 hours
Grade: Class IV-V

Tamba kosi:
Put in: Bustio bridge (tamba kosi)
Take out: when the river is flat (not very interesting after de Kimiti kola Power house)
River days: 4-6 hours
Grade: IV-V
Buffing every little think!!!

Once we were ready for the mission, we attempt the first complete descens of Likhu Kola, one of the last non navigate rivers in Nepal. It looks impossible that it happens in Nepal but the commitment that the river requires live this river still not descended.

The mission took us 9 days included the bus from Tamba Kosi and 3 days of trekking. We did all the descent self supported, carrying our kayaks the 3 days with all the staff we needed for the expedition inside. More than 40 kg up and down along the Himalayas... we won the esteem of the Nepali porters, based on our sweet.

The river Was almost class V with not many stops and long beautiful rapids. We organize the river descent in 4 days witch took us 3 nights on the river shore. Here the technical details fore next descends.

Tamba Kosi, hight recommended.

On the roof top.Reapring after our paddles broke down the cables of the light in the way

Likhu Kola

In the way to Dudele Likhu.
Total days 8 days
River days: 4 days
Trekking days: 3 days
Put in: Dudele (1950m)
Take out:  Sun Kosi confluence (400m)
Difficulty: Class V
Best season: November
Recommended team: 3-4 kayakers
Logistic once inside the river: Carri tarp or tent and all the staff that is needed for the campsite, coocking incluided.

Access: From Kathmandu take the bus all the way to Jiri (there are direct buses to Bandar witch is the last stop). From Jiri we still pass along Sivalaya arriving to Bandar 14 ours after. From Busti bridge ask the locals there is one bus every day but the time is uncertain.
From Bandar hike 2 days until Dudele witch looks the last village before put in on the way to Kyama. Take care because arrive to the river is not that easy. We use the though bags to descend until the river-bank.

The clasical flow in Likhu Kola

River:  4 dais of great paddling of class IV and V with not many portages and lot of eddy-scouting. only take care with de canyon after Roshi, it is long and fussy. Just take hole day for that.

The third part off the trip was very challenging trying to get the sources of each river we paddle. Years ago we´re paddling this rivers, that's way this year our aim was different and we found real good staff that truly worth. Best rivers Upper Kali and Upper Marsyandi, let´s describe

First rapid we call goodmorning!!!, upper Kali Gandaki

Upper seti canyon,out waterfall

Upper Kali Gandaki
Put in: Tatopani, the limit of the park
Take out: Before Kusma the road on the lefts brakes away. Before that.
River days: 2 days, plan to stop before Beni after the gorge opens.
Grade: V

Upper Modi Kola
Put in: New bridge
Take out: Nayapool
Access: Road until Gandruk
River days: 4-6 hours
Grade: IV-V

Upper Seti canyon 2012:
Put in: Next village after Tatopani
Take out: join the classic upper Seti
Access: Road until before tatopani, you will need porters
River days: 4-6 hours
Grade:IV and a waterfall runnable 8-10m see this link in spanish

Upper Marsyangdi
Put in: Next village after Tatopani
Take out: join the classic upper Seti
Access: Road until Chamche:
River days: 2 days, plan to stop one night in Ngadi
Grade: V. grade IV second day

Big chaos in Margsyandhi river upper than Cahmche
If some one need information I keep all in my guidebook so send me a message and I will be happy to answer you, and maybe I´m again in Nepal, ready to paddle!!!

Cheers. Mino

First rapid off Marsyandhi near Chamche

Tal Village the entrance to the Manang region

Marsyandhi at the Put in. Bettuen Chamche and Jagat
When exploring the Marsyandi we went in the same way as the annapurna circuit trekkers
Eneko and myself after the big portage in the Marsyandi

Good power the Marsyandi, nice to find rivers like that in the end of November.

In the way to Jagat, very difficult de bargain in the tourist areas.
Our best porters taking a rest

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